The goal of hospice is not to hasten or postpone death but to help each individual live life to the fullest.

Hospice is not a place or an institution, but rather it is a philosophy of care that focuses on the needs of patients when traditional and aggressive treatments are no longer an option. This approach shifts focus off the life-limiting illness and places more emphasis on the persons using an interdisciplinary team approach. The goal is to improve the quality of life through the prevention and relief of pain by promoting the spiritual, physical, social, cultural, and emotional well-being of all. This holistic approach to care allows patients to live life as fully as possible and family members the ability to be present at the moment.


Other services include but not limited to:

  • End-of-Life Care
  • Pain and Symptom Management
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Routine Hospice Care
  • Homemaker Service
  • Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Volunteer Services
  • Inpatient Short-Term Respite Care
  • Inpatient Care
  • Continuous Care
  • Others

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