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  1. “We are forever grateful to Kathy, Bunmi and the other members of the hospice team for making Russell’s journey to heaven comfortable and peaceful and for helping us fulfill his wishes, most especially getting married. You are all beautiful servants of God full of his grace. Thank you!”

  2. “Thank you so very much for being able to come so quickly and allow Lighthouse Hospice to attend my dad’s final days. We so appreciate the Reverend coming so quick to provide the anointing of the sick and last rights to our dad. His nurse is truly special. I could not have done this journey with my dad in our home without the support, love, and attentiveness you have shown my family.”

  3. “I truly wish I had reached out to you sooner to transfer my dad over to your service. Our time with you all, even though short, will always be remembered. Thank you!”

  4. “We appreciate each of you and the services provided to my mother-in-law. We would not have been able to fulfill her last desire to remain home.

    I personally thank you as my coworkers, for your compassion and professionalism shown to my husband and sister-in-law”

  5. “A Big Thank You to the Lighthouse team. We let the facility SW know that everyone from Lighthouse was wonderful! Lighthouse helped to make our mother’s transition seamless and smooth. We prayed before signing up for Lighthouse that our mother would be surrounded by angels. We were overjoyed and surprised to soon receive a phone call from Lighthouse’s “Angel”. Thank you, Bunmi for going to see our mother so quickly and so early in the morning. We appreciated you communicating with our family so promptly and kindly. And thank you to the entire Lighthouse team. We are “rejoicing” over our mother’s homegoing with the Lord.”

  6. “The decision to start hospice was difficult for us to make but based on our conversations with Tracy, the Social Worker at Meadowbrook and with Rosemary’s nurses we had come to believe it was definitely the correct decision. Tracy recommended Lighthouse Hospice, which in hindsight we can see was not just an excellent option but was actually a divinely orchestrated choice. Nevertheless, on pins and needles as we were at the time, knowing that Rosemary was nearing physical death, we prayed that the LORD might send one of his angels to comfort Rosemary as she passed. After all, one does hear of cases where the dying sometimes do report seeing their angels.

    Later that night we received a call from the Lighthouse nurse who had done the initial assessment. When he introduced himself, we did a double take and asked him to repeat his name. He said, “My name is Angel.” KABOOM! Like crashing thunder from atop Mount Sinai the LORD had just answered our prayer of an hour prior, as if to say, “Whereas, you can’t see the angel I have sent to take Rosemary home, just to confirm to you that I heard you, I have sent this Angel whom you can talk to.” Contemplate for a moment, of all the hospice nurses that might have been assigned to Rosemary that night, God chose Angel by name because that is who was needed to answer a prayer! That is an awesome and humbling thought.

    Now, some might say, “That was just by chance, a happy coincidence.” But we must consider what “chance” really is – it is an expression of human ignorance about the specific outcome of any given circumstance. A 50/50-coin toss means we can know with certainty that a coin will land heads or tails, on average half of the time one way or the other but we cannot know which of the two it will be at any specific toss. God, however, is omniscient; He knows everything, and he is omnipotent; He controls everything. There is no such thing as chance from God’s perspective and God does answer prayer. We can know with certainty that “a hospice nurse” would be sent out to assess Rosemary, but no one could have predicted or arranged for it to be Angel in specific answer to a prayer of an hour earlier that no one but God heard asking specifically for an angel to be sent!

    Lighthouse hospice staff stayed connected with Rosemary and then with us even after Rosemary had gone home. Bunmi, Angel, and Chaplain Kimberly Hinz all were such a blessing to Rosemary and to us. Bunmi was quick and diligent the night the Meadowbrook staff called to report their belief that Rosemary was unresponsive. Bunmi called us immediately upon getting that phone call, even at 3:00am and then went directly over to Meadowbrook and called us upon confirming the facts. That may seem routine to you who work in hospice but that doesn’t make it an easy thing to do. It takes passionate dedication which Bunmi clearly has. Kimberly prayed with Rosemary and with us and followed up with us after Rosemary had passed and as we hope you can see those prayers are powerful in the hands of almighty God.

    It is our hope that in addition to knowing how much we have personally appreciated your sincere care of our mom and of us, you also gain a keener awareness that you have been and are instruments of God’s love and care to the patients under your charge. You matter so very much and what you do is so very important, and that God even knows you by name. So, we end by saying, “Thank you and God bless you”. ”

  7. “What a wonderful company to use. We had the pleasure of using this company for our grandmother and our mother. The staff is wonderful, thoughtful and very helpful. If I ever need to use another hospice service for another family member, it would definitely be “Lighthouse”!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!”

  8. “I had no idea that what hospice care was, and everyone recommended I call. So, I found out it was really to help the family navigate a very natural and healthy end of life situation. We did not know if my dad would live for 2 days or 2 years but knowing that I had a team of professional I could call day or night gave me the peace of mind I needed to transfer my dad’s care from out of state.

    Angel our nurse was so helpful and so caring, and my dad loved his chats with Angle every week. They shared many hearty laughs and good stories.

    My dad left us very abruptly and without much warning but having Michelle and Angle with us through all the details on the last day was so helpful. Without their guidance we would have been lost.

    My biggest anxiety was finding all the specialist that my dad needed and with Angle’s guidance I felt like I did not have to set up those appointments and go through all that hustle of transferring my dad’s 6 specialists. So much peace of mind, thank you Lighthouse for being that guiding light in our lives”

  9. “Even though we had Lighthouse Hospice care for 24 hrs for our mother, they showed her more compassion, concern, empathy, in those 24hrs then the nursing home did in one year! This staff of angels cannot get enough praise for how they not only treated our mom, but the whole family. I will highly recommend them to anybody who needs hospice. I’d give them 10 stars!”

  10. “Lighthouse recently took care of my husband. I felt at ease when I met them. Each and every caregiver was so warm and caring. I called them about many of my concerns and they always addressed them. I can’t tell you how much their support meant to me and my family.”

  11. “The folks from Lighthouse were amazing. They made the last week for my father clean and hygienic. We struggled with caring for him, and they were incredibly compassionate. Thank you so much for all kindness.”

  12. “Thank you all so much for taking care of my mother. You all helped her and us dealing with her passing. She lived a long life but is no longer suffering”

  13. “A Big Thank you to the Lighthouse Team. We let the facility SW know that everyone from Lighthouse was wonderful”

  14. “Dear Lighthouse Hospice Care, Heartfelt thanks for your love and care for Aaron, for honoring him with your presence at the memorial, and for holding my family and me up with your prayerful support. Love you dearly”

  15. “Lighthouse was literally the light we needed at the end of our difficult tunnel and journey. Very grateful for the grace, communication, and kindness our family received from this team from the minute we connected. I highly recommend them.”

  16. Dear Lighthouse Hospice Care Family,

    We chose Lighthouse Hospice because of the genuine sincerity of the women who took care of our frantic call over a year ago. We are glad we did. Dad’s CNA care, nursing care, social work, and faith services were wonderful! We worked with Angel, Amy, Nikkii, Lauren, Latesa, and Kimberly the most. I am grateful to each and every one of them for the professional care my Dad and I received throughout the course of his journey. Your visits brightened our days, and I knew I could reach out at any time and I would be given assistance. Amy and Lauren are real angels on Earth, caring for the bodies of spirits unable to do so for themselves. They bring dignity to the messiest situations. There are no words adequate to convey my deepest heartfelt thanks. You must be “called” to do the work of angels. The nursing, (Angel and Nikkii) was top notch! I felt able to get dad what he needed to make the most of the time he had left here. You made his life comfortable and kept it as large as he can handle, even adding physical therapy for walking and stair climbing. What more could I ask for? It is with a grateful hear4t that I thank you for the importance service you provide. Much Love and Best Wishes.

  17. To the Lighthouse Staff,

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for the care you all gave to my partner. He came to you at the worst stage of life for him. You did not always see his best – yet you took care of him and showered him with respect. Thank You All! – God Bless

  18. I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my precious wife. She wasn’t in your care long, but the Nurse, Laima and the CNA, Tina were wonderful. I am forever grateful for these two ladies. They were with me and helped me so much the last three months of my wife’s life. I can’t image what It would have been without them.

  19. Thank you for your condolences during this difficult time. We appreciate the wonderful care you showed Taso and the support you gave us.

  20. Dear Lighthouse Team, thank you for everything you did to make our dad/husband/grandpa so comfortable in his final days

  21. This is to thank everyone at Lighthouse who helped my husband during his last few months to cope, to smile and make it worthwhile! You were all so understanding and ready to lend a hand!

  22. Dear Friends at Lighthouse, I dreaded ever the word “hospice” to be honest. But in the end, I am so grateful it was Lighthouse. Tanya, Christina, Father Ron, among others who were there for me and my mom the past few months. Forever grateful

  23. A million thank you from our family to your staff. You were key in helping our father graduate to heaven peacefully. Now he is dancing with Jesus and mom

  24. “We wish to thank you for the excellent, compassionate care you have given our mother. Her end-of-life journey was surrounded by love and nurturing. The medical, spiritual, and emotional support for our mom and our family has been greatly appreciated.”

  25. Lighthouse provided exceptional care not just for my mom as she entered her final journey, but also provided great care for us as care givers as well. They are kind, caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in their profession. I recommend them highly!


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