Patients can be transitioned between the levels of care as needed to meet their specific needs.

We provide four levels of care per Medicare and Medicaid Guidelines:

Routine Home Care: Care is provided intermittently by hospice team members wherever a patient calls “home.” This can be provided in a private home or nursing facilities within the service area.

General Inpatient Care: This care is available to temporarily manage acute symptoms that cannot be managed at home and can be provided only in a hospital or a nursing home with a registered nurse present around the clock.

Inpatient Respite: Available up to five days of respite care at a contractual hospital or nursing facility. This service is available to allow the families/caregivers of patients who reside in private homes to rest.

Continuous Care: This program helps manage acute symptoms that cannot be managed under any other level of care. Continuous care is provided around the clock by an interdisciplinary team until the patient is comfortable.

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